Call for Papers - May 2015

Call for Papers - May 2015

Contemporary Approaches to Postcolonial Theory

7th-8th-9th May

Üsküdar University


Organized by PAMER, Postcolonial Research Centre at Üsküdar University


Keynote speakers: (TBC) Professor Robert Young (Birkbeck)


Postcolonial theory responds to the hegemonies, historically produced in Europe, in the processes of production, approval, construing and dissemination of knowledge. Through a Foucauldian reading, it deconstructs the systems of representation created by European community of knowers as binary oppositions of the West and the other. It also pays attention to the domination of human affairs such as world politics, cultures, economies etc. through conceptualizations of right vs. wrong, good vs. evil, acceptable vs. unacceptable, affluence vs. poverty, developed vs. un(der)developed and democratic vs. undemocratic, etc. as they are produced in line with the European thought in an attempt to create the normative. This cross-period, interdisciplinary conference invites paper submissions that deal with this history of discourse making and its current incarnations

We are seeking both theoretical papers and case studies. Topics may include, but need not be limited to:


- National Struggles

- Knowledge Production and Literature

- Secularism

- European Union

- Media

- Multinational Corporations

- Gender

- Governance


Abstracts of c. 300 words for single papers should be sent to

30th March 2015. For more details or inquiries, please contact the same address or visit